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the real

CoMpToN_ GaLz♥

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hello i made this community bcuz there are not many groups that are about compton so i thought it would be cool if i made one i hope people start to joi bcuz i need help too if anyone is up too it thats ttyl.


1.sign the application so i and other ppl get to noe you
2.be nice to everyone in here
3.your have to either live or know stuff about compton to join
4.have fun
5. and dont disrespect anyone in here and especially me

<3 brenda / mod



2.What part of compton do you live in?

3.What are your favorite colors or color?

4.How old are you?

5.What do you think about guns and knifes?

6.What kind of music do you like?

7.Favorite movies?

8. If you can give a picture?

Very easy app just to learn more about and what you like.
My applications will change by time.